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People sleep in SihanoukVille Hotels.
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The range of places to stay is from free to $3,500 per night.






Where to stay

You want beach?  You got beach....  Downtown?  Free?  $2?.  A giant resort?  $3,500 a day on an Island?  .....  They're all here!
Just make sure if you're here during a local holiday, you make hotel reservations somewhere, as every possible room is filled. 
Also, check to make sure your preferred accommodations have a working backup generator, as it will probably come in handy.

Beach Places Beach hotels go from free to $3,500/night.  Just off Ocheteaul Beach and Victory Beach are hotel and guesthouse rooms from $6 to $135.  The price reflects what you get. The most expensive is Sokha Resort on Sokha Beach, starting at $130/night.  (not including the Mirax Island Resort that goes up to $3,500/night)

Downtown Dozens of hotels and guest houses downtown, just a few minutes' ride to most of the beaches. Downtown is the easiest place to find restaurants, markets, and transportation options.  Rooms generally go from $6 to $18, most with TV and an attached bathroom. The more expensive rooms include air-con, fridge, and a nicer environment. 

CheapCheap guesthouses, from $2 to $6 can be found most everywhere except right on the beach.  "The Hill" near Victory beach has an abundance of lower to mid priced hotels and guesthouses.  You can also find rooms from $6 in town, and $7 near Ocheteaul and Serendipity Beaches. The cheapest places have a shared bathroom a bed, a fan, and a lightbulb.   Also, check out

Mid-priced Mid-priced hotels can also be found all around town.  From $12 to $35 a night.  These typically have cable TV, air-con, fridge, private bathroom, and are a bit nicer than the cheap places. The hotels near Ocheteaul and Serendipity are a bit more expensive, and the places downtown and on "The Hill" near Victory beach are a little less expensive. 

IslandsSeveral Islands off the coast of SihanoukVille now have rooms (or a hammock) from $2 to $3,000 a night.  Except for a few resorts, most of these accommodations are beachside bungalows from $5 to $50, and transport to the biggest island is $10 round trip.  (you can just go for the day and visit).  Check the links on the left side of this page for Koh Rong Island, Koh Rong Samloem Island, Other Cambodian Islands, or just check out The Big List of SihanoukVille Hotels under the Island section.

Luxury Sihanoukville has grown up in the last few years. Starting with a 5 star resort on 1.5 kilometers of beach, there's now a few high end hotels and resorts, with prices ranging from $90 (you get a first class room here for that much!) to over $3,000 a night.
Check out for hotels with swimming pools in SihanoukVille.

Conference Facilites
AIDS, Poor People, Corporate Retreat, Human Rights Organizations. Everyone loves SihanoukVille for a meeting or conference.  Beaches, casinos, a nice breeze, hundreds of hotels, and thousands of restaurants.  All in one place. More than a dozen hotels are set up with conference facilites, for meeting from 15 people to 1,500.

Other Places to stay Also, on "The Hill" or Victory Hill near Victory Beach, are dozens of places to stay from $2 to $75 a day.

The Big List of Hotels & Guesthouses in SihanoukVille

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