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Things to do in SihanoukVille

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what to do in sihanoukville

What to do? What to do?

OK. So you've seen the beaches. What else is there to do here????








Things to do in SihanoukVille.

Boating, touring around, mini golf, scuba diving and snorkeling, island trips, drinking, passing out, discos, eating and more drinking.... and a few other things.

Beaches and Islands Yes we have beaches. White sandy beaches. With blue water and green islands off shore. Most guesthouses and beach places offer boat trips to the islands, with snorkeling and meals, starting at $15 for a day trip. Not a bad deal. You can also take a boat out yourself (with captain) from many beaches.

Eating Food everywhere. On Every street corner, food comes driving down the street, walking down the street, on the beach, on rooftops and at your hotel.  Cheap food, expensive food, good food, and some bad food (fried spiders? grilled dog?)  If you're not used to Asia, best to keep away from some of the street side places, and always drink bottled water. (available everywhere for 12 cents a half liter)

Boating & FishingMany types of boats are available for rent - personal watercraft, charter and group fishing and sailing boats, yachts, and party boats.


Underwater Several foreign owned scuba diving and snorkeling companies are found here.  Most have the PADI designation, and have training courses, day trips, and overnight trips. 

Dance Baby Dance A few discos in town offer late night music and dancing. They usually open after 9pm and go until late morning.  Not many are "family oriented" and some get quite rowdy. They're all fun.   Several Karaoke joints as well.  Most of these are between downtown and Ocheteaul Beach.  Not much dancing, but LIVE music at several bars in town.  Also, a few late night places on the beach with all night parties.

Motorcycles and Bicycles Motorcycles and bicycles are rented everywhere here, and bicycles are from $1 a day.  Mountains, beaches, downtown, bar hopping.  All favorite destinations.  You can get a tour outside of town with Stray Dog Adventures Dirt Bike Tours.  A list of Dirt Bike Tours and Off-Road Adventures in SihanoukVille.  You can rent a 100cc motorcycle at over a hundred places in town for about $5 a day.

What else???? Casinos, Waterfall, Day trips, touring around town, Shoot Guns, work out, sauna, walking tours, massages, shopping, sleeping, ping pong, resting & relaxing. horseback riding, Ping Pong, and learning to speak Khmer.   Volunteer your time to help Cambodia's poor children at Help the Cambodian Children.  Yoga at the Temple or Yoga (with Greg), Movies, Playstations & X-Box, or 3D Movies.  Health Shakes and Work Out.   Ride on the beach or jungle in a Fun Buggy, take your kids here on vacation,  Listen to Live MusicZipline and Rope Bridges,gambling, football (soccer).  Zipline in the Jungle....  Kerfuffle in the Jungle.  At Alan's Paradise, Go Karting, Crystal Bullet Gun, Archery and more (really) .....and that's about it.   SihanoukVille was a small resort town, but now is growing quickly.  Get here while you can!

 And don't forget shopping at the Central Market downtown!

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