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How to get to SihanoukVille, Cambodia.

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Motorcycles, Motorcycles, Everywhere.

Everywhere you look; on the street, the beaches, the mountains, in houses, you'll see motorcycles.  Unless you come in a tour group with a bus, or rent a car, at some point you'll be on the front or back of a motorcycle (or now, in back of a Tuk Tuk.)

Your other options

Walking, bicycling, car, tuk tuk, bus, minivan, helicopter, boat, and swimming are the only other options here.

Getting to SihanoukVille
You can fly into SihanoukVille (from Angkor Wat, Phnom Penh, or Vietnam), or take the SihanoukVille Express Train.   (which comes from Phnom Penh and Kampot.)

From the Thai border, you can enter Cambodia from Trat (Hat Lek) into Koh Kong, Cambodia, and take a bus or taxi to SihanoukVille.  About $9 or less for a bus or shared taxi.

From Phnom Penh, busses, vans, and cars leave several times a day. Busses leave from 7am until 9pm.  Prices are $6 - $14.  The ride is 4 - 6+ hours.

Bus Schedules to SihanoukVille, Cambodia.

Cars leave from the Central Market in Phnom Penh near Monivong street, and are about $50 for a whole car, or $10 per passenger. (note: if you want a comfortable ride, buy the whole front seat for $20, they usually pack 2 people in the passenger seat.).   About 5 hours to SihanoukVille.  There are now comfortable?? Vans to and from Phnom Penh for about $10.

And from Kampot, by car, bus or motorcycle.  It's $4 - $8 and a 90 minute ride.  $25 for the whole car.

Another option, is a cruise ship.  From the ship, you can see SihanoukVille for a long day.

Motorcycle Taxis and Tuk Tuks
The main form of transportation around town is by motorcycle taxi or Tuk Tuk.  You can find one anywhere, anytime.  Just look for a guy sitting on a motorcycle with a baseball cap. (if he doesn't ask you first).  Rides around town are from 25 cents to 2 dollars, and you can usually get 2 passengers on one motorcycle and 4 people or more in a Tuk Tuk.  Most trips are only a few minutes, but you can hire a motorcycle to take you outside of town as well.  Nighttime, prices go up a bit, and for more than one passenger, prices go up as well.  You should agree to the price for your trip in advance.

Tuk Tuks, famous in Thailand are all around town now.  These are carts, holding up to 4 people, (12 if you cram in) pulled by a motorcycle.  Prices are around $3 - $7 for 4 people around town.

HelicopterHelistar Cambodia has charter flights anywhere in or out of SihanoukVille you want to go. Also, Island service.

Rent a Motorcycle
If you want to drive a motorcycle in town now, you don't know what you are doing. (more info on the Travel Info page)  You'll need a driver's license and the correct ownership papers as well.  Also, you need to wear a helmet and keep your headlights off in the day (you don't need to use headlights at night!).  You will possibly probably be stopped and have your motorcycle confiscated if not following the correct procedures (or just pay a negotiable fine). Cambodians can, and do, start driving at 7 years old and don't need a license.  Many tourist choose to rent motorcycles without all the paperwork, and usually there is no problem.  You will need to leave your passport with the company renting the motorcycle..  Note: there is insurance available here, but medical facilities are lacking.  Also, be sure to lock your motorcycle with a chain and the steering wheel lock when parking.

Traffic drives on the Right side of the road here, except when it's in the middle of the road or on the left side.  See the Travel Info page for more details

Back in the good old days, driving here was a joy, but as the town fills up, the roads are becoming much more crowded, filled with potholes, and dangerous.

Local licenses take a day to process and cost $40+ and you must bring your current valid driver's and lots of paperwork, along with yourself to Phnom Penh, to get your license. 

Stray Dog Adventures rents dirt bikes, as well as countywide tours.

Cars can be rented by the half day or full day with driver.  You must have a valid Cambodian driver's license if you want to drive yourself.  Traffic travels mostly on the right side of the road, and the steering wheel is (usually) on the left side of the car. 

Ana Travel also can help.  Or, you can rent a car with driver for about $40/day + gas.   Classic Car Showroom has cars from $100 to $800 a day (but they're really nice).  Ream National Park and the Kbal Chhay waterfalls are popular destinations outside of town.

Train service is now on most weekends (Saturday, Sunday and Monday), and some holidays, between SihanoukVille and Phnom Penh, (with a stop in Kampot).  Enjoyable, Safe, and Cheap, but it takes a little more time for the trip.

Prices are $4 to $8.  You can buy tickets at the train stations (sometimes).  Travel time:  SihanoukVille / Phnom Penh - 7-8 hours.  SihanoukVille / Kampot : 2-3 hours.  Tickets $5 for short trips, $8 for SihanoukVille to Phnom Penh.

Walking & Biking
If you see someone walking down the street, it's probably either a tourist, student, or someone selling something....  Local people here rarely walk.  The walk from downtown to most beaches is a half hour, (5 minutes by car or motorcycle) and you can walk around downtown in less than an hour.  A few places have bicycles for rent.  

By Boat
From any beach or hill in town, you can see islands. Most of the beach places, restaurants, and guesthouses can arrange day trips, overnight trips, scuba diving, snorkeling, and island trips.  The day trips to the islands with snorkeling and breakfast and lunch generally cost about $15 and up.  Get your own boat with captain for $80 or more for the day.
Boat Schedules

Day Trips
Unless you're taking a boat, motorcycles, bicycles, tuk tuks, vans, and cars are the only option to get outside of town.  There are many nice sights outside of town, but you gotta get there somehow. Ana Travel can also arrange tours.  You can rent a car with driver, for about $60/day for local trips.

Leaving already?
Car, bus, boat, motorcycle, bicycle.  That's it. (except for the guys that walked 6 days to Phnom Penh).  Cars and busses leave hourly for Phnom Penh several times a day from the bus station starting at 7am.  To Thailand, a minibus to Koh Kong, Cambodia and then onwards....  And to Kampot or Kep, by car, van or bus.  If you have your own motorcycle or car, you can go most anywhere.

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