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SihanoukVille Airport

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front entrance to the sihanoukville airport

SihanoukVille Airport




18 kilometers from downtown SihanoukVille, at the entrance to Ream National Park.

Address: Mittapheap Kampuchea, SihanoukVille, Cambodia
Code: KOS

Formerly known as Kampong Som Airport or Kang Keng Airport.






charter flight to siem reap from sihanoukville


Flight Schedule

2 Airlines at the moment have daily flights from SihanoukVille to Siem Reap.   One, we know, departs SihanoukVille at 4:25pm, and arrives direct to Siem Reap at 5:25pm. (best we can figure out)

2 Airlines have flights from Siem Reap (Angkor Wat) to SihanoukVille, every day, at the moment, with one of them departing 2:55pm arriving at 3:55pm.  These flights are with Cambodia Angkor Air.

Tickets for the Siem Reap / SihanoukVille flight are about $110 for a one way ticket, but sometimes with all taxes could be $80+... or $35+...

A new airline has started service between SihanoukVille and Siem Reap, Sky Angkor Airlines

KOS - REP 08.15 09.00 & 19.30 20.15
REP - KOS 08.15 09.00 & 19.30 20.15
KOS - REP 08.15 09.00 & 09.15 10.00
REP - KOS 20.00 20.45
REP - KOS 19.30 20.15

(REP = Siem Reap; KOS = here. Times are departure and arrival times).

Cambodia Bayon Airlines lists flights between SihanoukVille and Phnom Penh for $40 to $130, (round trip?) and looks like it stops in Seam Reap on some flights.  This make the journey between 35 minutes to 3 hours and 15 minutes.  So you might want to check the flight time before booking. 

Lucky Air has flights from Kunming China twice a week and back.
8L9679 KMG1800 – 1935KOS 738 47
8L9680 KOS2035 – 0005+1KMG 738 47
if that means anything to you.

Cambodia Angkor Air will offer five roundtrip flights per week, between Saigon (Ho Chi Minh) and SihanoukVille, every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The one-hour flights are scheduled to take off at 12:40 pm from Sihanoukville City and 14:50 pm from Ho Chi Minh City. (Saigon)  (they do have 6+ hour and 19+ hours flights listed  for this trip on their website for booking, so make sure you get the right one!)

All these above flights can be cancelled or schedules rearranged at any time, without notice.  And in the past, this has happened several times.

But the good new is that you can get a private taxi for a 3+ hour ride from the Phnom Penh Airport to anywhere in SihanoukVille (or back) for $50+ (single person or group, same price).  24/7.  Possibly quicker, much cheaper, and much more convenient than taking the half hour  to 3 hours and 15 minute flight.  (not including going to and from the airport, and arriving early for your flight, and getting out of the airport, and then maybe your final destination in Cambodia).  Especially for groups traveling together.  Door to door service.

We're hoping for non-stop flights between SihanoukVille and Bangkok (coming soon!?), Europe or America, but we're not holding our breath.

All this is subject to change at any time, and many times does.  Sometimes daily but usually weekly.  We'll try to keep you updated.

Visit ANA Travel for the best service and fares (and their info is updated hourly, not daily like this website) - the only SihanoukVille registered member of the Cambodian Association of Travel Agents (CATA)

There's an airport bus or group taxi service at the SihanoukVille Airport running before every outgoing flight and after every incoming flight for a 20 minute ride to or from town...  $7 for the bus. Check with your travel agent for details.

There's no bus at the Siem Reap Airport (that we can find).  You'll have to get a motorcycle taxi, tuk tuk (cart pulled by a motorcycle), van or car between town and the airport. This can cost anywhere from $1 to $12 from the airport to most any hotel in town.  The trip is about 7 KM and takes about 20 minutes.  No idea why there is no regularly scheduled bus service.

The SihanoukVille Airport has undergone major renovations to turn it into a major airport in Cambodia.  New runway extensions, and terminal renovations.  The airport is in quite nice condition, but not many services in the airport.  It's quite small, but enough for the one or more flights a day going through.

The airport is open to charter flights now.

Stay Tuned!

sihanoukville airport terminal floor plan

SihanoukVille Airport.  Cambodia.  Flights to Siem Reap. (Angkor Wat).  Book at Ana Travel, SihanoukVille.
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sihanoukville airport, sihanoukville, cambodia

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sihanoukville airport, sihanoukville, cambodia

sihanoukville airport, sihanoukville, cambodia

security entrance to the airplanes and jets at the sihanoukville airport

sihanoukville airport, sihanoukville, cambodia

waiting lounge at the sihanoukville airport

sihanoukville airport, sihanoukville, cambodia

sihanoukville airport, sihanoukville, cambodia

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travellers from all over the world meet at the Sihanoukville Airport

sihanoukville airport, sihanoukville, cambodia

sihanoukville airport, sihanoukville, cambodia

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sihanoukville airport, sihanoukville, cambodia

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sihanoukville airport, sihanoukville, cambodia

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business lounge at the sihanoukville airport

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