SihanoukVille, Cambodia

SihanoukVille Nightlife

Golden Lions

Night Time is Party Time...

Unless you're tired from a day in the sun.  Many places come alive starting when the sun goes down. Restaurants, bars, discos, beach parties, casinos, big screen movies. Some places close around 9pm, some open at 9pm.  Sunset starts around 6pm.


Restaurants After a day on the beach, or touring around, Sihanoukville offers some fine dining. From a fifty cent Cambodian fish soup, to a gourmet buffet on the beach. The best seafood in the country is found here, fresh caught the same day, and cooked right out of the fish tank.

Bars Bars on rooftops, bars on the beach, bars in discos, bars in hotels, bars on "The Hill", bars on boats, bars on islands, bars from Ireland, Sweden, France, England, Australia, New Zealand, China, Vietnam, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, India, Hungary, Estonia, Poland, Thailand, Greece, Holland, Canada, U.S of A., and Hong Kong are a few of your choices.

Also, check out the Beers of Cambodia and the Cigarettes of Cambodia web pages.

Discos Discos here start later at night and go until early morning.  Karaoke is also big in Sihanoukville, as in most of Asia.  Most places have a small selection of English music, but it can be fun watching the drunk Khmers (Cambodians), having a good time. Roxy Entertainment.  King Pharaoh Karaoke KTV

Hotels & Guesthouses Most hotels at night have a selection of books in English and in the language of the foreign owner.  Many have DVD movies at night or overseas sports on TV.  Nighttime is also the best time to talk with the hotel staff and other tourist for planning the next day's activities.

Many bars and hotels now have projector TV's offering sporting events and current movies. Most are free, but you're expected to eat or drink while you're there (unless it's in your own hotel).  There's one air-con movie theater in town starting in the late afternoon 'til midnight.

Night time can be fun, but daylight only lasts 12 hours here.  If you want to party late into the night, you can always sleep on the beach in the day.  Enjoy!

BBQ near Ocheteaul Beach

Casino anyone?

Pizza Break

BBQ on the Beach

Cambodian Band at a restaurant

Cambodian family at dinner

Chilling on the beach

The warehouse at the Angkor Beer Factory...... Only in SihanoukVille!

A wedding on the street at night

My Country, My Beer..... Angkor Beer

At the Night Market

The world famous Golden Lions

A band at Khmer New Years

A band in the forest

amazone and KTV 333 in SihanoukVille, Cambodia.
Amazone and KTV333

karaoke street sihanoukville, cambodia
Karaoke Street in the Daytime

The old Club Red

apsara dancers in sihanoukville, cambodia
Apsara Dancers

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