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SihanoukVille - Mid Priced Hotels

Golden Lions

Mid-priced hotels.
Can you afford

$6 for a room for 2?

4,100 Reil (Cambodian money) for a US Dollar

and get even more for one Euro
Rooms from $6 to $16

Downtown you can find a dozen places from $6 to $12 a night.  There are many more markets and services downtown than anywhere else, but it's 5 to 10 minutes to most beaches by road.

 Try Small Hotel, G'day Mate. Also a variety (about 50) of nice hotels and guesthouses where they only speak a little English.

The Beaches Most beaches have decent rooms from $6 to $15.


"The Hill"
The "Hill" a few minutes walk from Victory Beach, is filled with budget and mid-priced places. Over 30 restaurants, bars, guesthouses, and all in English (as well as 10 other languages).

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