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How about an Island?

but don't expect 5 star service just yet.

Have you ever gone on a 3 hour boat tour and been stranded on a deserted Island?  We've found it here.  Basic services, and no air-conditioning, (except for Mirax resort at $3,000 a day), but you don't find this in Thailand too much anymore.  And it won't be here either in 10 more years.

Ream National Park Located 45 minutes outside of town.  A national park covering Ream mountain and beaches.  A few basic guesthouses on or near the beach.

Visethana Boutique - Between town and Pearl City
Victory Paradise Casino Resort - on top of Victory Hill by itself
Tep Apsara Beach - Ream National Park
Sailing Cambodia - on a sailboat
Red Cross Guesthouse - on the road to Independence Beach
Ream Beach Guesthouse - Ream National Park
Ream Yacht Club - On an isolated river, outside of Ream National Park
The Orient Genting - On a hill overlooking town and the beach
Monkey Maya - Ream National Park
Mangrove River Resort - On a river near "Far O" Otres Beach
Nature LIfe Resort - Gay Men
Don Bosco Hotel School - O'Bram Street
D.D. Mark I - by the Port
7 Jan Boutique - Way in back of Ocheteaul Beach

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