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Golden Lions
cheap hotels in sihanoukville, cambodia

How to see Europe on $45 a day

or SihanoukVille on $5 a day.







$2 for guesthouse, $2 for food, $1 for beer.

and a lot of walking and laying on the beach!

Cheap on the Beach Most places on the beach, start at $12, although in the Summer (rainy season), you can get a better deal.   A couple streets up from the beach, rooms start at $1. (dorm)

"The Hill" Above Victory Beach, is Victory Hill.  And you really can get $2 rooms at a few places.   A large number of places on "The Hill" have rooms from $4 to $6. And almost every other service you will need here, like bars, books, sports bars, internet, motorcycle rentals, dancing bars, live music and DJ's, MP3's, tour services, etc..

Cheap in Town
In town, rooms start at $6.  Still, you get a bathroom and cable TV included.  Good deals here.  All services available in town, and a quick ride to all the beaches.  Charlie Harpers Hotel is here.  There are about 55 guesthouses downtown, with rooms for $6 and up.

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