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  1. BUS: Phnom Penh Surya Bus Company (hourly from 7 am) – Standard air-con. bus, arrives near Central Market in Phnom Penh. Journey time 5 – 6 hours. (includes 15 min. refreshment break) Price $6; If going to the airport, inform driver and alight at small market 2km before and take moto or tuk-tuk. (Prices increase on Public Holidays) – Night bus (flat-bed or big seat) – Virak Express Travel arrive in PP around midnight - $10 – Bus companies pick-up from most hotels around Ochheuteal/Serendipity areas.

  2. TAXI: Private Hire taxi – any time of day. Pick up and drop off where you choose. Price $50-55 (More on Public Holidays & after dark) – same price to airport. Journey time – Phnom Penh 3 ½ hours; Airport 3 hours.

  3. MINIBUS – Mekong Express $12; Giant Ibis $11; Virak Express VIP $12. Morning & afternoon departures. Minibuses can stop outside of the airport (100 metres to check-in).

  4. FLIGHT – Bayon Airlines fly Friday & Sunday only from $50 1 way. (Flight suspended June 2016)


  1. BUS: Virak Buntham Express – Big Bus with toilet. Departs daily 8.00 a.m. - arrives Thai border (Koh Kong) 1.30-2 p.m. 20 – 30 min. break on way.Price $9. Change at border for: KOH CHANG $26 BANGKOK $27 (Approx: 11 hours); PATAYA $25 (Approx: 10 hours).

2. Night bus goes via PP, Battambang & Poipet border – change to minibus – 17 hours $27

N.B. The border is now open until 8 p.m. Through transport onwards is limited after dark. After crossing into Thailand minibuses and pick-ups wait to take travelers on to Trat. Approx. 11/2 hour - $4/5

From Trat, onward travel to Bangkok, Pataya, Koh Chang etc. is available with service buses, mini-buses etc.

3. FLIGHT: From Pochentong Airport 30 mins. before Phnom Penh (see travel to Phnom Penh above).

Price – from $145 one-way (Bangkok Airways); $160 one-way (Thai Air); Air Asia online booking $60+++ one-way. Journey time 65 mins. see timetable.


1. BUS: At present there is no regular service bus on this route.

  1. TAXI: Private taxi - Pick up and drop off when & where you choose. Price $30 – Kep $35 - 2-3 hours.

  2. SHARE TAXI: Depart early morning from in front of market or taxi station. 7 in one taxi Price $5-$10 per person – possible to negotiate for front seat. Leaves when full. Journey time as above depending on stops.

  3. MINI-BUS: Depart 8.00; 11.30 & 15.30 pick up from hotel Kampot $5. Kep $7; Ha Tien & Border $15

  4. MOTORBIKE: The road is mostly good and is a pleasant 3-4 hours by small motorbike.

From Kampot 30 – 40 mins.onward to Kep by taxi ($10) or moto-taxi ($3 - $5)

Tours to Bokor National Park – A casino/resort on a hill top. A new road is open. It’s not what it was!


The closest official International border crossing is 55 km from Kampot (Ha Tien). Visas are not issued on arrival at borders so purchase before travel (30 days $40 from Vietnam Consulate in Sihanoukville – 1 day).

  1. BUS: To Ho Chi Minh: Depart 7.30 a.m. arrive 7 p.m. $20 (Surya Bus); or Night bus - $22 (Virak Ex). All services change in Phnom Penh. VIP minibus/big bus Mekong Express $26/$27

  2. Chau Doc via Phnom Penh: See travel to Phnom Penh above. From Phnom Penh buses and boats depart through the morning. Price $9 upwards depending on type of bus or boat. Journey time – 4 – 5 hours.

Other overland options into Vietnam can be organized from Phnom Penh by bus or taxi (prices vary).

  1. FLIGHT: A new service from Sihanoukville airport (KOS) to Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) began in June 2016 operated by Cambodia Angkor Air – Tues; Thurs; Fri; Sat & Sun only – fares from $125 (70 mins) if no promo fares.
    From Pochentong Airport 30 mins. before Phnom Penh (see travel to Phnom Penh above).

Ho Chi Minh Price from $140 (45 mins.)– Hanoi Price from $220 (2 hours) - both Vietnam Airline/Cambodia Angkor Airline one-way. See timetable.


  1. BUS: 7.30 a.m. Surya Co. – arrives near Central Market in Phnom Penh. Journey time 5 – 6 hours.

(includes 15 min. refreshment break) then change to Siem Reap bus departing 13.30 arriving in Siem Reap 6.30 p.m. Price $15. Virak Express Night bus depart 8 p.m. arrive 6 am. $12/$15

BOAT: Departs from Phnom Penh ferry terminal 7 a.m. Price from $25 Journey time 4 – 6 hrs, depends on water level. From Siem Reap ferry port, moto-taxi or taxi to town – $2 - $7, 20 – 40 mins.

  1. FLIGHT: Cambodia Angkor Air ATR72 68 seat turbo-prop - daily $120+; Sky Angkor Air operate a charter flight schedule prices from $85. Shuttle-bus to airport $6.

  2. MINIBUS: As above to PP then depart at 13.30 or 15.30 $20/$25 – 5 - 6 hours from PP stop half way.

It is now possible to fly to Bangkok & other international destinations going via Siem Reap.

Please e-mail for a quote.



  1. Ream National Park is 23 km. from downtown Sihanoukville and is easily reached by moto-taxi – (negotiate in advance for full day or half day) price from $10. The road is tarmac all the way and makes for a pleasant days riding. Visit the temple (Wat Ream) and relax at one of the many beach shacks.

  2. Kbal Chhay Waterfall is on the way to Ream (turn left at signpost) – prices are as above by moto. The road from the main road is now good but in the dry season the waterfall can be disappointing. $1 parking charge.

  1. Taxi Tour – Price from $40 for full day. (negotiate in advance)

  2. Boat Tour – Ream National Park river and island tour price from $20 p.p. inc. some refreshments.


  1. A number of small independent operators at Occheuteal and Otres beaches offer day trips to the near by islands priced from $15 p.p. inc. some refreshments and some have snorkeling gear. Leaving 8-10 a.m. returning 3-5 p.m. Groups of up to12 people. Islands further away are not served by regular tours.

  2. Private hire of a small fishing boat (long-tail) and driver price from $60 per day. Take along your own refreshments and go where you please at a time of your choosing.

  3. Sun Tours – 3 deck boat with full-bar and superior facilities – 2 island trip inc. food, snorkeling etc. $25

KOH RONG & KOH RONG SAMLOEM – Fast ferry (45 mins) & slow boats (2h 30m) $20/$15.


Around Sihanoukville there are a number of Wats (temples); fishing villages; remote beaches and beautiful countryside. Fishing trips can be arranged. Water sports are becoming increasingly popular with Kayaks, Dinghys & Jet-skis for hire. Visit Casino.


Motorbike taxis (motodups) move many people around and provide an important, cheap service for Khmers. For visitors the pricing can be varied, confusing and (sometimes) extortionate. As a rough guide - to get to any of the beaches from Downtown, during the day, a fare of $1 for 1 person is reasonable. A morning 'til evening fare of $10 around town and to the beaches or $15 to visit Ream & waterfall. Expect to pay double after dark. Agree a price in advance. If you want him to wait for you then a tip would be expected.

Tuk-Tuk prices vary depending on destination and the number of passengers. Agree a price in advance.

Car or mini-bus taxis: Are not widely used but can be arranged for short trips e.g. $5-7 to the beaches from Downtown; Half day $15-20; Full day $30-40 depending on distances traveled.

Bicycles & Electric Bicycles are available for daily hire.

125cc & 250cc Motorbikes can be rented from $5 per day, however, rental companies will want to keep your passport and local police frequently stop foreigners who, they say, should have a Cambodian driving licence!


Many of the islands have bungalow accommodation and there are too many to list here.

For the best info please visit

All tickets, tours, visas and bookings can be arranged at ANA Travel next to Top Cat cinema on Serendipity Beach Road.

Call 012 915 301 for honest, up to date travel advice & information and the best service in Sihanoukville.

: + 855 (0) 34 933 929/729 e-mail:

  • All prices and times given here are subject to change (and do, often!).

  • Many tours & trips are not available in the wet season.

  • All advice and information is given in good faith.

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