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Golden Lions
business for sale in sihanoukville, opportunity

Free Room, Food & Booze.

plus a driver, cook, maid & butler

Be your own boss

and make millions (of Cambodia Riel)

Several thousand tourists have ended up living in SihanoukVille and running their own businesses. 

Bakers, hoteliers, bar owners, movie theater owners, English teachers, tour guides, restaurant owners and more.  It's very easy to set up shop here, but it takes a lot of work to be successful.

Recently, Chinese owed firms have started many businesses here.  Prices for many things (like salaries and rent, food and taxes and licenses) have gone way up.

Otres Village and the islands are the main places Westerners are starting businesses.

Buy a guesthouse for as little as $500 a month rent, and get your room, meals and booze free!  Also, you staff will drive you anywhere you want, do your chores, and you must have a massage room in your place, (so you can get free massages).  Salaries are $100+ a month for staff, and rising quickly, so make your move NOW!

Where to Look

An extensive Websites of businesses for sale in SihanoukVille can be found @

O.K., So it's a little harder now to start and run a business.
But many hundreds of Chinese businesspeople have invested hundreds of millions (Billions?) of dollars trying in the last couple years.

And they may make millions Chinese Yuan.  (really they make U.S. Dollars)

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