SihanoukVille, Cambodia

SihanoukVille - Goodwill School visits the USS Mustin

Golden Lions

USS Mustin on a Goodwill Tour

gives the kids and teachers of the Goodwill School in SihanoukVille a tour as well

It was a fun day

aboard the USS Mustin

We took a small passenger ship about 15 minutes out the the Mustin, which was too big to dock at the port
And we saw....
lots of U.S. Navy people
Big Guns
Fire hoses
Helicopters (well, not really, they had to put them inside because of the wind)
Lots of stairs
A guy with a cowboy hat
A refuelling station

Thanks to the USS Mustin and her crew for showing the students and staff around your ship.  We'll never forget it, and hope to see you back in a few months.
Special thanks to Special Agent Kim for all your support!



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