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Angkor Beer

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  The National Beer of Cambodia

  and it just happens to be made in SihanoukVille.

Located at the top of SihanoukVille's mountain, about a 10 minute ride from downtown.

Angkor Beer is sold at most bars and restaurants in the country.  A case will set you back about $14.

Other Brands
The Angkor Beer brewery also produces Angkor Extra Stout, Bayon Beer, Klang Beer, Black Panther Beer & Danish Royal Stout Ginseng.  Also the national bottler of Pepsi, Mirinda, and 7UP.  And since Carlsberg owns half the company, It's made right in town here.  

Facts Angkor Brewery (some call it Cambrew) in SihanoukVille opened in 1963.  It's the biggest brewery in Cambodia, producing more than 900,000,000 cans (and bottles and kegs) of fresh beer, water, and soda a year.  Beer in SihanoukVille can be less than 3 hours old, straight from the brewery!


Find Out More!!!
Check out the Beers of Cambodia website.

many navy ship crews come to visit the Angkor Beer Brewery in SihanoukVille

mick's 50th birthday present.


Angkor Beer,  My Country, My Beer.

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