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it's not only the beach

Everything you need!

except the beach.

Downtown of course.  A 5 minute drive to most of the beaches, if there's no traffic.
Downtown has most of the stores, including the 2 central markets, the bus stations and a few of the hotels, guesthouses, bars and restaurants in SihanoukVille.  Bakeries, and most of the banks and medical services.

Other Services

Restaurants and Bars Downtown
Hotels Downtown

You can walk around downtown in an hour or so, and maybe an extra half hour at the Central Market.  Not much to see, if you've been in Cambodia for a while, but very exciting if you haven't.  Be carefull walking, as there's much traffic, no stop signs, and broken or ignored traffic signals.  Road travel is generally on the right side of the road, but can be anywhere.  Even on the sidewalks and in the market.

 If you're just getting into town by road, you'll end up at either the Bus Station downtown, or at your bus company's downtown office.  You'll be greeted by motorycycle taxis, Tuk Tuks, and taxis.  If you haven't chosen a place to stay, they'll be sure to advise you on where they want you to stay. You can download PassApp to your phone and get a ride cheap and quick however.   The SihanoukVille Advertiser, on the internet, and distributed free at most hotels and restaurants, has the latest on prices and services for many hotels.

Also, all the buses to Phnom Penh and Koh Kong leave from either the downtown bus stations, or many have free pick up at your hotel now.  Private cars can be hired at the bus station to Phnom Penh and Koh Kong...  Taxis to Kampot and Kep leave from across the street from the Central Market (P'sa Leu).  Find the bus schedules here.

downtown sihanoukville map.  sihanoukville, cambodia
"Not a Map" courtesy of The SihanoukVille Advertiser
(about half of these places are gone now or moved)

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