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SihanoukVille - Serendipity Beach

Golden Lions
Serendipity Beach, sihanoukville, cambodia

Serendipity Beach

The Western Beach






The Western Beach

Everything you need.

Restaurants & Bars
and there's a lot of them here. Seafood, BBQ, Pizza & Burgers. And just off the beach, many more places to eat and drink.

 Check out Monkey Republic, The Big Easy, Mick & Craig's, Beach Road, and about 65 more.

One of the few beaches where you can get a room right on the beach.  Rooms starting at about $12 a night.

Try Cloud 9, Malibu, or LaLuna, .  And just off the beach, for a little less (or more) you can find Monkey Republic, Mick & Craig's, Coolabah, The Big Easy

Other Services
clothing shop, massage, movies, MP3 downloads, internet, markets, and boat trips.  Motorcycle and Buggy rentals, travel shops, souvenirs, tattoos.

big list of SihanoukVille hotels

Getting Here
From town, head towards the Golden Lion circle, go halfway around, and and keep going straight 'til you run into the pier.  This is actually one end of Ocheteaul Beach.


serendipity beach map.  sihanoukville, cambodia
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Serendipty Beach in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

Serendipty Beach in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

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