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khmer food in sihanoukville, cambodia

Bai Chaa, Trey Ang, & Soop

or fried rice, grilled fish, and soup to you and me.







Fish, Meat, Rice, Curry, Veggies, Soup, Fruits, and French Bread

describes 90% of the traditional Khmer (Cambodian) fare

Cambodia is located both on the Ocean, and the Mekong River, with the Tonle Sap lake doubling in size in the summer.  There's water most everywhere here, and there's lots of fish to be found as well.  Most Khmer's eat fish at least once a day, whether in soup, grilled, pickled, boiled, dried, steamed and pressed.  And fish sauce is in many soups as well.  Of course, SihanoukVille is King when it comes to fresh seafood, with dozens of restaurants around town and right on the beach.

Chicken, Beef or Pork is also eaten at least once a day in a traditional Khmer household.  You'll also see the occasional frog, crocodile, tarantula, or turtle.  Ovens haven't been invented here yet, so all food is cooked in some way with fire.  Beef is sometimes chewy, but the chicken and pork rate excellent.

You'll find most common vegetables grown here: carrots, potatoes, lettuce, beans; and a number of vegetables you've never seen before.  Many leaves from trees and flavored grasses and cactuses are also traditional Khmer foods.

Cooking School

Tastes of Cambodia has daily half day cooking classes.

Pineapple, Watermelon, Banana, Durian, Jackfruit, Papaya, or Mango are staples of a daily diet here.  Plus you'll find many fruits, from small berries to 20 kilogram monster fruits.  Many of these can be bought on the street in small stalls, or sold on ice in portable fruit vending stands

Try something different
Grilled dog, snake, fried tarantulas, boiled turtle...... how about some fresh baked grasshoppers.  If it's alive in Asia, someone's going to eat it.

Also, Cabbage Garden and Mlop Mean, just out of town.   Five Men Microbrewery has Pilsner, Stout and grill you own meal at the table.  

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