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Restaurants of the World

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Had enough Khmer food?

try something different.

What country do you want?
Here's the list:

French: Susaday, Le Ambassade, Eolia Beach Resort, Dune, Le D'Artagnan Resort, Le Provencal, Pat Pat Otres, Flamant Rose, Patchouly,

Italian: Marco Polo, Papa Pippo, Carpe Diem, The Pizza Company, Heart of Venice, New Pappa Pippo Resort, Spaghetti House, Green Pepper, Invito

German: Bavarian, Harry's


Slovenian: Mushroom Point

McGuinness's Irish Cottage

GreekThe Beach Chalet, Sunny Greece Beach Club, El Greco

Singapore: Klang Boy Bak Kut Teh and Meepok

Malaysian: Shunbonayang, Asa Malaysian, Uncle Sam

Mediterranean: Olive & Olive

Turkish: Otres Kebap

Lebanese: Ali Baba

Mexican: Mick & Craig's, Maybe Later

Korean: Malibu House, Korean Food Market & Restaurant,   Korean Restaurant, Hong Korean Beach, Arirang   (More on Korean Restaurants in SihanoukVille)

Indonesian Restaurant, Nusantara, Heng Heng, Mama Indo, Kedai Ayam Oning, Cafe Rapopo, Resto Kuliner Binjai, IDN Pub, Grace's Resto,       (Indonesian Restaurants)

Beer: Five Men Microbrewery

Swiss: @Home

BabAnya, Friends Forever (Russian places in SihanoukVille)

Mongolian: Modern Nomads

Czech: Adam's Family Restaurant

ThaiMaster Suki Soup
, Holiday Villa Nataya, Invito, Hippo Cafe / Im Aroi

English: Monkey Republic

Portuguese: Tasca Tuga

Vietnamese: Pho Samaki

Swedish: The Small Hotel, Done Right, The Small Beach Bar

Japanese: Ku Kai, You You Tei, Samurai, Shin, Onami, Japanese Soup Noodles, Kio Izakaya (more on Japanese Restaurants)

Coffee and Pastries anyone?Escape Gourmet, Del Mar Pastry, D Classic Cafe, Ocean Box Cafe, Twin Lotus, The Nook, Cafe Amazon (3 of them), Cafe Hippo, Queen Cafe (and Casino, Adidas Gym (and Cafe), Bon Jour Cafe (at Total Gas Station) and about 150 others around town.

AmericanMike's Burger House, Captain Mike's, Burgers and Beer

Chinese: Treasure Island Seafood (Hong Kong Style), Jia Hong Chinese Store, Holiday Palace Dim Sum. (Hong Kong), Golden Royal Casino, La Meizi Hot Pot, Chinese Small Hotpot, Grandma's Chinese, Golden  Sea Chinese, Xiao Fengzho, Huarun Supermarket, Jiew How, Liu Ge, Port House, Sung Ji, China House. Big House, Mee Geo, Gold Crown, Meas ThmeyThe Orient Genting,   and about 120 other places...  Check out the Little Macau Chinatown page..

Pizza!: Corner Bar, Marco Polo, The Pizza Company, Olive & Olive, Orange House, Happy Herb Pizza,  and about 90 other places.

Vegetarian: Dao of Life, Peace Food Cafe (Vegan), Cosmos (Tree Leaf Tavern)

Sunday Roast: Mick & Craig's

Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker: Dan Meats, German Butcher & Baker, Starfish Bakery, Black Angus Grill, International Bakery, Pepe and Co., Brunch and Beyond

A little bit of everything: Coolabah, Golden Sand, GBT 1,2,3, and 4, Mick & Craig's, Moon Shack, Makara, Bamboo Shack, Independence Hotel, Sokha Resort, Fortuna, Beach Club, Chez Paou, New Beach, Gelato Italiano, Cloud 9, Mien Mien, Sovann Phoum, The Big Easy, Charlie Harper's, Wish You Were Here, Moorea Beach, Secret Garden, Banana Beach, Mushroom Beach Point, Everythang, Otres Orchid, Smokey's Bar & Grill, Penguin Pablo's, Footprints, Beach Island Resort, Dara's Beachside, Smile Guest, Queenco Palm Beach, Tamu Otres, Bago, Sunset Queenco, Sun & Moon Gulf, Sam's, Otres Corner Bar, New Night Market (SihanoukVille Square), Sunset Lounge, Ropanha Boutique, Friends Forever, Holy Cow, Coral Snack, Columbus, Pat Pat, Invito,  Sahaa Beach Resort, Paradise New Life Beach, Boomerang Bar, Mary Beach Bungalows, Magic Tree Bungalows, Ren Resort, Harmony Home Resort, Sea Breeze Resort, Chochi Garden, OGA Bar, Otres Resort, White Boutique, Otres Jungle Resort, Naia Resort, Jin Resort, Good Time Boutique, Eureka Cafe, Mom's Place, Ocean Park Boutique, Mom's Place, White Sea Boutique, White Moon Bungalows, Yasmine, Seaside Ajito, The Stop in Pich Nil, BOHO Hostel,  Sok Kea, Tranquility, Yasmine, Flamant Rose, Hemingway Steak House, Otres Long Beach 2, Mom's Kitchen, Domrai Boutique, Yellow Breakfast, Lost in Neverland, Two Easy Seafood, King Fried Chicken, Blue Sky Bungalows, Indigo Otres Village, Kui Bungalows, Mangrove River Resort, New Papa Pippo Restaurant,   O'Beach, Sun BearKing Fried ChickenSnake House, Amareina, Ream Beach Guesthouse, Benny's City, Ream Yacht Club, Sambo Steak House, Jumanji, Kui, Mega Seafood, Visethana Boutique, 360 Resort, Eden's Garden, Otres's Steakhouse, Otres Camp, Cosmos Cinema, Spicy Society, Romdoul's Place, House of Wisdom, The Brew House, Mia Mia, Chan Boutique, Lakeside, Jurassic Garden Bar, Greenhouse Effect, Jasmin Boutique, Alan's Paradise, La Vogue, Bower Bar. Jinkan Hotel, Eden Bar, Port HedoniaThe Living Room, Espresso Kampuchea, The Ginger, The Folly,

Khmer Food!   Molop Chrey Poki, Chhne Meas, Cabbage Garden, M'lop Mean, Lin Hav Resort, Phnom Khmer Mangrove Sanctuary, Sunshine Cafe

Expect to pay a bit more for the "Foreign Meals" on this page.  Like $2 and up.  And Sokha Hotel offers a buffet for around $20.  Most meals here cost between $3 and $12.  Not including drinks.  If you have an upset stomach, these are the places to go as well.  These restaurants operate to a higher standard.

Hea Jin Catering can take care of your party from 10 to 10,000 people.

Tastes of Cambodia has daily, half day cooking classes

SihanoukVille Seafood Market - near the port.  40 seafood stands with fresh catch of the day

Not Hungry,
Just want a drink?  We've got drinks of the world as well.  Booze in Cambodia is practically tax free.  That means you can get French wine cheaper than in France.  Scottish whiskey cheaper than in Scotland.  And some Tennessee Jack at the lowest price you've ever seen.   Supermarkets...... Try Sovann Phoum Supermarket, Orange Market, Mr. Souk (Otres Village), Moi Bi Buy Supermaket or Samudera.  Want to build up an appetite? Ocheteaul Beach, Otres Village, and around town serves delicious pizza, with the addition of appetite enhancing happy herbs and spices.  Happy Herb Pizza is the Original ,  (also Heavenly Pizza, Ecstatic Pizza, Paradise Pizza, and Smile Pizza to name just a few.)  Just be prepared to relax the rest of the day (or night) and possibly the next day as well.

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