SihanoukVille, Cambodia

SihanoukVille - Downtown Restaurants

Golden Lions
downtown, sihanoukville, cambodia

Downtown SihanoukVille

Can't be on the beach all day?  Can you?????







5 minutes to the beach, (or 5 minutes from the beach to downtown)

a little bit of everything

Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese.  All the local Asian foods are here. Chinese?  in back of UCB Bank on the street at night.  Vietnamese? Look for signs that say PHO'.  And Cambodian?  Try going somewhere that doesn't have a Khmer Restaurant.  

Foreign Foods in Downtown SihanoukVille

Foreign to the Khmers, not you and me.
Swedish: Small Hotel

: Gelato Italiano

French: Doucer du Cambodge

A little bit of everything:
Holy Cow, Charlie Harpers,

Chinese:   Jia Hong Supermarket, 50 Chinese Restaurants in back of UCB Bank, and along the main street and on side streets.

Indonesian: Indonesian Restaurant BG

It's Late,
I'm Hungry!  They're all closed except for one, downtown.  Charlie Harpers.


downtown, sihanoukville, cambodia map

Street view of The Market


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