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Golden Lions

You get what you pay for.

Which in SihanoukVille, can be a lot for a little







Meals for a buck

or two.

You came to Cambodia for what??
The Khmer food!  Of course.  Over a thousand places to eat Khmer food in SihanoukVille for less than a dollar.  Most streets, back alleys, beaches, and hills have Khmer (Cambodian) restaurants.  You can even see it walking down the street.  (Portable food stands, not cows and chickens).  Most Khmer meals have fish or meat, so it's hard to go vegetarian here on Khmer food here.  However, lots of fruits, vegetables, breads and snacks walk by as well.  And remember, bottled water only cost about 12 cents for a half-liter.  Drink it.

"The Hill"
A lot of upscale restaurants are appearing here, but it's still backpacker's heaven.  About 10 restaurants and bars line the street.  Most of the foreign owned places have meals from $2.50 and up.  Most of the Khmer owned places, you can still get a meal for a buck. 

Meals here are generally $3 and up. Or just go to the Market or Sovann Phoum Supermarket and cook your own food.

Ocheteaul Beach Meals generally for $3 and up.  Unless you can find a Khmer owned place and they can speak some English.  The second street from the beach offers a few backpacker places and up from Serendipty beach are many new restaurants. Make your own meals, with meats and cheeses from Dan Meats

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